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College Staff | Evangeline Booth College

College Staff

  • Evangeline Booth College

    Major Tom Louden- Principal

    Major Todd Mason – Assistant Principal for Training and Business Administrator
    Ms. Kathy Anderson- Secretary to the Principal
    Ms. Kirsten Dillard – Secretary to the Assistant Principal
    Ms. Alisha Rutledge – Receptionist
    Ms. Peggy Brown – Human Resource Manager
    Southern Historical Center
    Michael Nagy – Director/Archivist
    Andrea Troxclair – Archives and Museum Assistant
    Campus Services
    Major Julie Anne Louden- Assistant Principal for Ministry Development and Campus Services
    Major Wilma Mason – Director of Campus Services/Food Services
    Ms. Kayla Pendley – Secretary
    Ms. Gwendolyn Irvin – Secretary to Director of Campus Services
    Major Roland Cox – Director of Finance
    Ms. Tomeika Middlebrooks- Finance Office Associate
    Ms. Kellee Boyd – Accounts Payable Clerk
    Ms. Angie Elliot – Accounts Receivable/Cashier
    Ms. Marcy Dunbar – Secretary for Business
    Major Jason Swain- Director of Property/Home/Transportation
    Captain Scott Hoover- Assistant Director of Property/Home/Transportation
    Ms. Dana Mallory- Fleet Coordinator
    Ms. Rhonda Reese- Secretary for Property/Home/Transportation
    Information Technology
    Mr. Cory Tilley- Information Systems Administrator
    Mr. Edie Johnson – Network Administrator
    Mr. Anton Hollingsworth – Senior Computer Support Analyst
    Mr. Robert E. Bullock – Property/Home/Transportation Office Manager
    Mr. John Brown – Building Maintenance Supervisor
    Mr. Harold Reid – Building Maintenance Mechanic
    Mr. J.R. Reese – Building Maintenance Worker
    Mr. Sydney Reese – Building Maintenance Mechanic
    Mr. Will Reese – Building Maintenance Mechanic

    School for Officer Training

    Major Roni Robbins – Director of Curriculum
    Captain Laura Melendez- Assistant to the Director of Curriculum
    Captain Lars Ljungholm- Education Officer
    Major Jessica Cox -Registrar
    Captain Ingrid Ljungholm- Gospel Arts Coordinator / Education Resource Officer
    Ms. Antoinette Hunt – Secretary for Curriculum
    Mrs. Lauren Gordon- Librarian
    Ms. Delissa Hightower – Library Assistant
    Captain Marion Platt – Director of Personnel
    Captain Luis Melendez- Assistant Director of Personnel/Spiritual Formation Coordinator
    Captain Everette Platt – Assistant to the Director of Personnel
    Captain Andrea Hoover- Personnel Officer/Spiritual Formation Coordinator and Family Life Center Director
    Ms. Sabrina Chase – Secretary for Personnel
    Mr. Kevin Chamlee – Wellness Center Director
    Ms. Paula McCurdy – Registered Nurse
    Field Training
    Captain Julio Da Silva – Director of Field Training
    Captain Luci Da Silva – Assistant to the Director of Field Training

    Darby Nelson–Department Secretary

    Child Care
    Ms. Bridget Mack – Family Life Center Administrator
    Ms. Renee Burson-Loggins – Lead Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Melissa Rohner – Family Life Center Ministry Coordinator
    Ms. Pat Boddie – Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Myoshi Brown – Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Loretta Hickson – Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Darlene Thrower – Resource Teacher
    Ms. Sheila Watkins – Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Jamika Woods – Preschool Teacher
    Ms. Loleta Underwood – Preschool Teacher

    School for Continuing Education

    Major Rick Mikles – Assistant Principal for Continuing Education
    Major Connie Mikles – Director of the Continuing Education Center
    Ms. Jennifer Gensler – Continuing Education Center Manager
    Mr. Joshua Reed – Continuing Education Center Assistant
    Ms. Gwen Knight – Student Aide/Education Records Administrator
    Mr. Joseph Valentin- Continuing Education Center Caretaker

    School for Leadership Development

    Major Joanne Holz – Program Director of the Jack McDowell School for Leadership Development
    Ms. Pamela Bosworth – Assistant Program Director

    Mr. Jonathan Lotson- Project Coordinator

    Rachel Argot-Administrative Clerk

    David Jackson–Curriculum Writer and Trainer

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