Wellness Center

  • Mission Statement

    The Wellness Center mission is to provide tools and opportunities to empower cadets and officers to lead a lifestyle of good health and wellness that will enable them to carry out the Great Commission.

    Personalized Fitness

    • Fitness Assessment

    Every cadet receives an assessment of the following:
    1. Cardiovascular system
    2. Flexibility of lower back
    3. Muscular endurance of abdominal muscles
    4. Muscular strength of lower/upper body
    5. Body composition
    6. Body Mass Index
    7. Metabolism
    8. Blood profile
    9. Waist-Hip ratio
    10. Cardiovascular Heart Disease Risk

    • Exercise Prescription

    Every cadet will receive a personalized prescription that details the frequency, intensity, and time of physical activity that should be preformed.

    • Personal Training

    Everything you need to get started:

    • Basketball/ Volleyball/ Tennis/ Indoor Soccer/ Pickleball Court
    • Softball/ Soccer Fields
    • Weight Training: Cybex Equipment/ Free weights/ Hampton Dumbells (5 lbs-70 lbs)
    • Cardiovascular Equipment: Landice treadmills/ Precor Ellipticals/ Concept 2 Rowers/ Stationary bicycles (upright and recumbent)
    • Stretching Equipment: Inversion table/ Stretch Partner

    Plenty of reasons to stay motivated:

    • Exercise Classes: Bootcamp/ Zumba/ P90X/ Corporate Workouts
    • Incentive Programs
    • Walking Programs
    • Family Activity Programs
    • Personal Training
    • Follow-up Fitness Assessments
    • Weigh-ins

    No cost to you:

    • Average cost of hourly personal training is $50.00 an hour
    • Average cost of a annual family membership to a gym is $1500.00
    • Average cost of a fitness assessment is $400.00

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