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How To Apply | Evangeline Booth College

How To Apply

    • Men & Women wishing to become Salvation Army Officers: must be Christians, believe they are called to full-time service, and be Salvation Army Soldiers (members) endorsed for officership. They must possess a sincere love and understanding of people and be willing to work in highly demanding situations upon graduation.
    • Salvation Army Membership (soldiership): All candidates should have at least one year of active soldiership by opening day of the session for which they apply. Whenever possible, that soldiership should include responsibility as a Local Officer (lay worker). Please speak with your corps officer (pastor) regarding becoming a soldier.
    • Education: At least one year of college, military training or work experience following high school graduation and prior to entering officer training. High school students considering officership should give special emphasis to English, Humanities and Business courses such as accounting. Any candidate with a Thurstone IQ below 25 (or equivalent) will be required to take further testing for acceptance.
    • Marriage: Accepted candidates who are married before entering officer training will both participate in the full academic and practical officer training program. Accepted candidates who are engaged may both enter training at the same time. Marriage may be permitted at the conclusion of training, provided the engagement was official six months before commissioning.
    • Non-American Citizens: Must have an immigrant visa permitting them to work in the USA for an indeterminate time, or be a Permanent Resident (Green Card).
    • Language: All candidates will be required to take a reading test. Candidates must pass a 12th grade reading level (be reading at a college level). For those who speak English as a second language, if a college reading level is not achieved, they will take the TOEFL – the TOEFL is required by all colleges in the USA for ESL students. It is to measure how well they will perform in class. If English is your first language and a college level is not achieved, reading classes will be recommended in order to reach the required level.
    Think you qualify to become a candidate? Great!
    Your first step is to get in contact with your Corps Officer. If you do not attend a Salvation Army Corps (church) then you will need to locate one and talk with the Corps Officer (Pastor) about your calling!
    Your first step is to get in contact with your Corps Officer. If you don’t attend a Salvation Army Corps (church) you will need to get in contact with one and talk with the Corps Officer (Pastor) about your calling!

    Reading Screening

    • Nelson Denny Reading Test
    • TOEFL Test (if indicated)

    Background Screening

    • Criminal Background Check
    • Divorce Supplement Application
    • Details of Divorce Between
    • Divorce Decree

    Citizenship Screening

    • Permanent Resident Card (copy if indicated)
    • Driver’s License (copy)
    • Social Security Card (copy)

    Psychological Screening

    • Psychological Test
    • Psychological Interview/Report
    • CO Questionnaire on Married Couples

    Doctrine/Position Statement Screening

    Finance Screening

    • CANBUD
    • Budget Part I

    Preliminary Application

    • Preliminary Application Date
    • Photo (digital image/not scanned)
    • $25 Application Fee
    • Official Photos (with Tunic):
      • 2 – 2 x 3 Head and Shoulder
      • 1 – Full Length

    Formal Application

    • Application for SA Officership
    • 60-90 second Video Clip
    • Educational Transcripts
    • Employer Reference
    • Record of Employment


    • DC Appraisal & Interview
    • DDWM Appraisal & Interview
    • GS Appraisal & Interview
    • DYS/DYS Spouse Appraisal & Interview
    • DCC Appraisal & Interview
    • CO/CO Spouse Appraisal & Interview
    • SR/YP Local Appraisal & Interview
    • Statement of Works with Children

    Children’s Form

    • Medical
    • Dental
    • School Application
    • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Corps Rolls and Records
    • Last Report Card


    • Certified Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificat (Copy)
    • Military Discharge Papers (Copy)
    • Additional Legal Papers
    • Soldier Roll Sheet

    • Health History (pink)
    • Health History (white)
    • Directive of Wellness Lifestyle
    • Blood Work

    Budget Forms

    • Budget Part II
    • Candidates Funding Statement
    • Applications for Scholarships
    • CCM/LOM Scholarships
    • Incentive Funds
    • Officer Child Scholarship
    • Grants
    • Loans
    • Approvals

    CAP (Monitored by Lanier)

    • Family Interview
    • Initial CAP Interview Date

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