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    These courses are designed for new Bible students as well as youth. A certificate is awarded for each course that is completed.


    1. The Gospel of John
    These 21 lessons are from the Gospel of John and include a simple test on some of the overall characters of the Bible. Published by the Navigators.Cost: $3.00
    2. Bible Survey

    (7 courses, 8 lessons)

    Written by Brigadier Lillian Blackburn (R), this new series is based on the book Briefing the Bibleby J. Vernon McGee.Cost: $14.00 (includes textbook)
    3. The Christian Soldier

    (12 lessons)*

    This is a study of Ephesians, Chapter 6, verses 10 – 20. The lessons focus on the Armor of God emphasizing the importance of each part, and how it should be worn for our utmost protection and victory over sin.Cost: $3.00
    4. Bread Enough-Meditations on Our Great Salvation

    (13 lessons)

    This fine course featuring fundamental teaching on the doctrine of salvation is clearly presented to be helpful to both Christian and non-Christian students.Cost: $5.00
    5. I Peter – Incentives for Godly Living

    (14 lessons)*

    Woven like a thread throughout the letter is the theme of Christ’s second coming, a topic which should affect the way we conduct ourselves as pilgrims on the way through life. I Peter presents the sufferings and return of Christ as incentives for Godly living during times of trouble.

    Cost: $5.00

    6. Energized to Evangelize – Book of Acts

    (13 lessons)*

    The Book of Acts traces the development and growth of the early church. The Holy Spirit empowers believers to live the Christian life and enables them to share the Gospel with others.

    Cost: $5.00

    7. Philippians – Encouragement for the Believer

    (20 lessons)*

    Philippians is a joyful letter designed to encourage the believer. Paul discovered the secret of inner joy, and by living an exemplary life, teaches us how to discover true happiness.

    Cost: $7.00

    8. I Thessalonians – Ready and Waiting

    (24 lessons)*

    Paul introduces us to some great Christian doctrine and deep theology while also projecting his overflowing missionary heart. The Apostle generates hope by his references to the return of Christ and reveals his pastors heart by referring to the ministry of the local church in this first-century congregation.

    Cost: $6.00

    9. I Timothy – Order in the Church* Addressed to pastors and church leaders to explain their pastoral duties, Paul deals with church problems from an administrative viewpoint rather than theological.

    Cost: $7.00

    10. James – Growth and Maturity* James responds to the personal purity struggle with practical teaching on how to grow and mature spiritually. The five chapters of this book are very demanding but, when studied and applied, enable you to grow spiritually.

    Cost: $5.00

    11. I John – Fellowship with God* First John is an excellent starting place for the student who wants an introduction to the theology of the New Testament. The writer’s desire and aim is for fellow believers to enjoy the same knowledge of God in Christ and the fellowship which that knowledge implies.

    Cost: $5.00

    12. Life of Paul We are indebted to the Apostle Paul for the formulation of our Christian doctrine (received by revelation) more than any of the Apostles. It is Paul who interprets salvation, the gospel of Grace and Holiness, as not other Scriptural writer had done.

    Cost: $5.00

    13. A Brief Study of Psalms

    Written by Captain Faye Nishimura from the Western Territory, this basic study examines the ten different types of psalms.

    Cost: $8.00 (includes workbook)

    14. The Advent of Jesus Christ Discover the beauty in the miracle of Christ’s birth in this study by Colonel Henry Gariepy R).

    Cost: $8.00 (includes workbook)

    15. The Life of Christ

    Written by Brigadier Lillian Blackburn (R), this study entails an in-depth look at Christ’s life through the four gospels.

    Cost: Free

    16. Ephesians–Our Riches in Christ

    (35 lessons)*

    Ephesians tells us about the riches, fullness and inheritances we have in Christ. Considered more of a circular letter, the epistle is addressed to the entire body of Christ. Principles are presented to nurture our faith as well as regulate the whole of our lives.

    Cost: $10.00

    17. The God You Can Know

    (14 lessons)*

    A study designed to help you realize anew the greatness of God. Knowing God will enable you to find answers to the seemingly endless questions about the will of God, assurance of salvation, home life, interpersonal relationships, etc.

    Cost: $12.00 (includes workbook & textbook)

    18. Peter-Lessons in Leadership* This course provides practical leadership training tools as depicted in Scripture through the life of Peter. In this study, we learn how to submit, walk in humility, love, sacrifice and develop courage.

    Cost: $6.00

    19. Galatians The book of Galatians is the charter of Christian freedom. In this profound letter Paul proclaims the reality of our liberty in Christ–freedom from the law and the power of sin and freedom to serve our living Lord.

    Cost: $10.00 (includes workbook)

    20. Romans Paul presents the Good News–salvation is available to all, regardless of a person’s identity, sin, or heritage. We are saved by grace (unearned, underserved favor from God) through faith (complete trust) in Christ and His finished work. Through Him we can stand before God justified, “not guilty.”

    Cost: $10.00 (includes workbook)

    21. Living the Abundant Life This is an expository study in the life and ministry of Elisha the Prophet. You will review his life & ministry with a view to apprehend the vital secret of his success.

    Cost: $10.00 (includes workbook)

    Courses marked with an asterisk are published by Prairie Continuing Education, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.

    NOTE: A certificate is awarded for each course that is completed.

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