Spring Missions/Campaigns!


It is that time of year again!

Each spring the cadets set out on missions around America and around the globe. This year, the cadets are more excited than ever to get out there and share the good news of Jesus Christ. The second year cadets are headed to Jamaica and the first year cadets will be spread out from Ft. Myers, Fl. to Hampton Roads, Va. and everywhere in-between.

Second Year Cadets – Jamaica

Saved By Grace Brigade– Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida

Agape Brigade – Oklahoma City, Ok. Adult Rehabilitation Center

H.I.S. Warriors Brigade – Ft. Myers, Florida

One Voice for God Brigade – Biloxi, Mississippi and ALM Youth Councils

Joyful Messengers Brigade – Nashville, Tennessee and KT Youth Councils

Kingdom Builders Brigade – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Mountain Movers Brigade – Hampton Roads, Virginia


Please continue to pray for the cadets as they share God’s word across the globe!
Cadet Joshua Webb

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