Faculty & Staff

  • Hinson (800x640)
    Major Dean Hinson
    Major Pamela Hinson

    Assistant Principal for Ministry

    Development and Campus Services

    Morris (800x634)
    Holz (800x628)
    Major Theodore Morris, III
    Assistant Principal for Training and Business Administration
    Major Pamala MorrisDirector of Campus Services
    Major Joanne Holz
    Director of School for Leadership Development
    Major Roy Johnson
    Assistant Principal for Continuing Ed.
    Major Jacquelynn Johnson
    Community Liaison / Director of School for Continuing Education
    Major Roni Robbins
    Director of Curriculum
    Major Rick Mikles
    Director of Personnel
    Major Connie Mikles
    Asst. to the Dir. of Personnel
    Captain James Bell
    Director of Property/Home
    Captain Nichole Bell
    Personnel Offficer
    Spiritual Health & Wellness Officer
    Captain Roland Cox
    Director of Finance
    Captain Jessica Cox
    Captain Sally Broughton
    Gospel Arts Coordinator and Education Resource Officer
    Major Richard Hathorn
    Asst. Director of Personnel
    Major Stefanie Hathorn
    Personnel Officer
    Captain Daniel Choi
    Assistant Director of Property/Home
    Captain Sarah Choi
    Education Officer
    Major Todd Mason
    Field Training Officer
    Major Wilma Mason
    Assistant Field Training Officer
    Captain Tabitha Robers
    Field Training Officer
    Captain Lori Miller
    Director of Family Life Center
    Captain Holly Needham
    Asst. Family Life Center Director
     Murphy  Smith
    Major John Murphy
    Education Officer
    Major Cristina Murphy
    Food Services Officer
    Major Maurice Smith (R)

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