Major Anthony Juliana

Major Syung Young Lee
Assistant Principal for Training and Director of Business Administration

Captain Tonya Farrington
Director of Finance

School for Leadership Development

Program Director of the Jack McDowell
School for Leadership Development

Continuing Education
Major Bradley Caldwell
Assistant Principal for Continuing Education

Major Anita Caldwell
Director of Curriculum

Captain Rebekah Swyers
Assistant Director of Curriculum

Lt. Colonel Sheila Lanier
Senior Instructor/Pastoral Care

Bandmaster Chris Corbitt
Music & Gospel Arts Director

Major Patrick Richmond
Director of Personnel

Major Carey Richmond
Director of Personnel

Lieutenant Laurie Ferraez
Director of the Family Life Center

Captain Bryan Farrington
Director of Property, Home, & Transportation

Mission & Ministry
Captain Josh Hinson
Director of Mission & Ministry

Captain Jordan Hinson
Director of Mission & Ministry

Campus Life
Major Elizabeth Juliana
Assistant Principal for Ministry Development & Campus Life

Major Hae Lee

Director of Campus Life & Food Service Officer