The purpose of The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth College School for Officer Training is to equip “blood and fire Salvationists” with the skills and experiences necessary to fulfill their calling of God to become Salvation Army Officers.” All the activities and events featured on this site combine with prayerful study and God’s enabling toward the achievement of this highest goal.

Becoming A Salvation Army Officer

Why do people become Salvation Army Officers? Just as Jesus called the founders of The Salvation Army to their mission, He calls today’s Salvation Army Officer to a life of service in commitment to Christ. Christian men and women, as Salvation Army Officers, can change lives, bringing hope and practical help to humanity as they share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The School for Officer Training prepares men and women to carry out the mission of The Salvation Army. The entire program objective is the development of officers who are led by the Spirit of God and are able to advance the Kingdom of God and the cause of the Gospel. Candidates for officer training may enter the College for Officer training or, under certain circumstances, may enter Salvation Army officership as a second-career ministry with the designation of Auxiliary Captain.

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