In awarding Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for completion of non-credit programs, the School for Continuing Education follows the “Criteria and Guidelines” of the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Commission defines one CEU as “ten (10) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction.”

More specifically, continuing education experiences for which CEUs will be awarded must meet the following criteria:

  • Clear statements of intended learning outcomes, including the skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes that the student should be able to demonstrate following the continuing education experience.
  • Qualified instruction personnel directly involved in determining the program purpose, developing intended learning outcomes, and planning and conducting each learning experience.
  • Content and instructional methods consistent with the stated purposes, sequenced to facilitate learning, and structured to permit opportunities for learners to participate and to receive feedback. Content should be sequenced in a logical manner and should proceed from basic to more advanced levels.
  • Requirements for satisfactory completion of each experience. Programs that require the achievement of certain performance levels should be based on the intended learning outcomes. Requirements which focus on attendance only should be high (e.g., 90 percent and above) and documented by such means as attendance rosters or sign-in sheets.
  • A plan of assessment to determine that each student has achieved the intended learning outcomes. This assessment may take a variety of forms (e.g., satisfactory attendance, performance demonstrations, written or oral examinations, written reports, completion of a project, or written evaluations), depending on the objective of the learning experience.

The following formula will be used to calculate CEUs: (Total Program Hours – Break and Meal Hours) / 10 = CEUs Granted

The Continuing Education Program/Operations Coordinator has the responsibility for determining the CEUs to be awarded by the School and for maintaining records of CEUs earned by Salvation Army personnel in the Southern Territory, and has the authority to make an annual assessment of the guidelines contained herein.

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